What would you do if you wasn’t afraid?

I read an interview in a magazine a few years ago featuring a creative director of a top fashion house. The woman in question came across strong minded and confident, and when asked how she deals with multiple responsibilities and tough situations, her answer was “I regularly ask myself ‘what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?'” She went on to say that asking herself this question eliminated the initial fear and made her realise that it’s nobody but herself holding her back.

This has stuck with me ever since, and if I’m ever feeling anxious about a situation or a decision I need to make, I take a moment to remind myself that fear is simply an obstacle standing in the way of progress. The best way to conquer it is not to sit around and think about it, but to go out there and get busy. 

So, next time you feel fear forcing you to back down or say no, ask yourself this, what would you do if you wasn’t afraid?