10 Colourful Pieces For The Office

Is one of your New Year resolutions to wear more colour at work? This was one of my resolutions a few years ago when I realised my entire wardrobe was black and grey!! Although I often find myself still drawn to darker tones, I’m happy to say I’ve definitely incorporated a lot more colour into my wardrobe over the years.

I asked on my Insta stories recently what you’d like to see more of on my blog and Instagram this year, and so many of you asked for colourful workwear! So, I wanted to share with you some gorgeous pops of colour that you can wear to work and brighten up the office!

Wearing colour in the office has actually been scientifically proven to lift your spirits too, which is definitely something we all need in January! Not only does wearing something colourful lift your own mood but others around you too. So next time you find yourself reaching for the Little Black Dress on a moody Monday morning, put it back and opt for something brighter and I promise you’ll notice a difference!

This particular dress is one of my absolute favourites – so much so that I also have it in green! It’s just so perfect for a day in the office when you want to feel smart, put together and a little bit dressy too.

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