A Week At Work In Reiss | Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Following on from yesterday’s blog post and the start of my brand new monthly series called ‘A Week at Work In…’, I bring you another outfit featuring my chosen brand this month, Reiss.

Today I’m wearing another workwear staple, a shirt dress. They simply never go out of style and what I love about this one is the playful geo print with pastel colours which is a contemporary take on such a classic style.

You have the option of wearing it alone and oversized with killer heels or belted at the waist to create a feminine silhouette.

The pleated details on the cuffs give a nod to the trend of the Summer, statement sleeves, and this may be my favourite part of the dress! It also comes with a pastel coloured slip to wear underneath in case you want some reassurance in certain lighting. I found this so handy because it was the perfect length and comfortable too.

I was embarrassingly way too excited to find I had a pair of suede heels that matched the pastel pink in the dress, so instantly knew they’d go perfectly. Shoes on, belt on and I’m good to go!

Wishing you a fabulous Tuesday – see you tomorrow!

Reiss Oretta Geo Printed Shirt Dress | Pink suede heels | black waist belt