Beat The Heatwave at Work | 16 Floaty Summer Dresses

Wow – this heatwave we’re currently experiencing in the UK right now is unbelievable! It reached 36 degrees yesterday. 36 degrees!!! I feel like I’m abroad, especially when that intense heat hits me when I walk out the door for work each morning.

Personally, I’m absolutely loving the sunshine but only when I’m able to stay cool. Thankfully I don’t get the tube to work and I feel so sorry for anyone who does. I had to grab the central line on Wednesday evening to a blog event, and felt like I couldn’t breath. I can’t believe they haven’t installed air con down there, surely it’s a human right!!

I also feel sorry for men who have to wear suits each day despite the temperature outside. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must be during their hot commutes to work! Us ladies have it far easier, because we can dress according to how hot it’s going to be that day. For me, this week is all about floaty dresses. It’s the only thing that keeps me comfortable and cool in this weather. Preferably either sleeveless or loose short sleeves, and fabrics that don’t stick to my skin.

Cotton is the best fabric to wear during a heatwave, as it allows your skin to breath. Silk is a no-go because, lets be honest, nobody wants to have to peel their clothes from their skin during the day!!

This daisy print floral wrap dress is ideal because it’s light and breezy. As you know already, I’m obsessed with wrap dresses so I fell in love with this one as soon as I tried it on. I tried and tested it this week and it even kept me cool during my lunch break sitting in the park in the direct sun. Isn’t it such a happy colour too? Just looking at it makes me think of Summer and all the positivity this sunshine brings!

I’ve put together 16 of my favourite floaty Summer dresses below that will hopefully help you beat this heat wave, because I have a feeling it’s here to stay for a while! Yay!

wearing: daisy stripe wrap dress | white block heel sandals | Mirabelle green onyx necklace | gold earrings

16 floaty Summer work dresses to help you beat the heatwave