HER – A Collection By Tram Dieu Martinez

workwear feminine blouse white silk office style tram dieu martinez

I love discovering new brands that offer high-quality pieces for both in and out of work. They don’t come around often, but when they do, I’m always excited to share them with you on my blog. I’ve been dying to tell you all about one brand in particular, because not only is the designer a very good friend of mine, but the collection is impeccable. 

HER by Tram Dieu Martinez launched just a few months ago, and I’m already obsessed. I attended the launch in London last month and got the chance to check out the collection up close in person, and I could not be more proud of my friend. 

I first met Tram back in 2010 on my first day at work as an Underwriting Assistant in London. We were sat next to each other, and all I can remember was being in awe of her unbelievably sparkly engagement ring, haha! From then on we became good friends as it was apparent just how much we had in common. She left a few years later to live in Colombia, and ever since then, I missed our daily chats about clothes and dogs – two of my passions in life! No one is as honest as Tram when it comes to styling, which is why I would always go to her for advice! I remember realising the extent of the honesty when I returned from Topshop one lunchtime and ended up going straight back to return it all! I actually blogged about Tram’s leaving drinks back in 2013 – click here to read!

When Tram announced to me last year she was working on her very own clothing collection, I wanted to scream with excitement! She then showed me some images of the pieces and the first thing I thought was just how true to her style they were. As I studied each piece, I could actually imagine Tram strutting into the office wearing them. Tram gave me the confidence to dress up for work and not worry about feeling out of place. I learnt over the years to just wear what makes me feel happy, confident and empowered, and not to focus on about what anyone else thinks! I believe this collection will inspire women to do the same. 


Wearing: Celine blouse in white (to order, DM via this account or email tram@thelessismore.com before the e-commerce store launches!
black paper bag waist trousers (US link here)
nude patent Christian Louboutin Heels
Black quilted shoulder bag
workwear feminine blouse white silk office style tram dieu martinez
workwear feminine blouse white silk office style tram dieu martinez
workwear feminine blouse white silk office style tram dieu martinez

I picked up this blouse (which also comes in black) as soon as I saw it hanging on the rail. Check out the tiny gold stars that give a subtle sparkle all over the blouse. Have you noticed the tie sleeves too? So chic! But what I love most are the details you don’t see, such as the body design so you never have to worry about it becoming untucked. And the fact the front of the blouse is double lined making it appropriate for the office. Not to mention the invisible popper at the front that helps you avoid the problem a lot of women face with wrap tops/dresses. 

It’s details like this that sets this collection apart from others. It becomes evident that Tram has actually thought about the woman who will be wearing her pieces. Where she will be going and what she will be doing. She knows her customer and she’s designed the clothes around us. 

If you’d like to check out the rest of the collection, visit the official Instagram page here and send a DM if you have any questions!