Organised Luxury Business Bags by Man&Del

This blog post is sponsored by Man&Del

I know for a fact I don’t just speak for myself when I say my handbag holds a million and one items. I can’t possibly limit them down to just a handful, because what if I need them all?! You never know where your day could head from one hour to the next, which is something I learnt the hard way during my job as an Underwriter in London.

There were many days where I would take a look at my calendar first thing in the morning to see a quiet day ahead, but that would all change by lunch time. Last minute meetings are a common occurrence, and these could often lead to an unplanned dinner in the evening with clients, or even an event during the day which is out of the City.

I learnt very fast that staying organised was the key to limiting stress during a busy day. This starts simply with the thing that holds my entire life – my handbag!

Having a well organised handbag is honestly the difference between looking like you have your life together, and looking like a complete mess. Nobody wants to arrive to a meeting, and spend the next 5 minutes rummaging around looking for a notepad, pen and papers which you then find crinkled up in the bottom corner under your make up bag! Not to mention everyone else looking at you creating a scene in an otherwise silent room. I know exactly how this feels as I’ve been there many, many times in the past!


This is why I love and support brands such as Man&Del. They know exactly who the woman is they want to cater for. The Man&Del woman is always on the go, but wishes to remain stylish and smart during her busy schedule. They know the issue many women face during a busy day in the office, and they’re solving it with their collection of luxury, stylish business bags.

Organised Luxury Bags by MAN&DEL

As soon as I discovered their collection, I couldn’t wait to share them with you all on She Goes Wear. The bag I was most excited about from the collection is the G-rope Terra. Not just a tote bag, but it also comes with an organiser and clutch bag too. The organiser easily fits inside the bag leaving enough room for your bits and bobs to be positioned around it.

A clutch bag is also attached to the inside by a leather handle, which is ideal for your phone and money. No more losing the items you use the most!

If you have an internal meeting and don’t want to take your entire handbag along, just simply take out the organiser and carry that instead. It’s big enough to hold your laptop/ipad, notepad, pens and anything else you might need.

For times when you don’t need the organiser and would prefer a shoulder bag instead, simply unbotton the belt, pull the handle and extend the straps. An entirely different look created within seconds.

Do you have a busy business woman in your life who is hard to buy for? Treat them to this bag for Christmas for a thoughtful, practically gift they’ll be forever thankful for!

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