The Best Red Pieces For Your Workwear Wardrobe

The Best Red Pieces For Your Workwear Wardrobe This Winter

Red has always held a power that no other colour can live up to. Up until a few years ago, my workwear wardrobe showed very little sign of colour, especially red! It was only once I realised just how powerful it can feel to wear such a statement colour, that my confidence grew and I started seeking it out.

I wrote a blog post back in April all about how wearing colour can transform your mindset – click here if you fancy a read! A few years ago, I used to dress for my mood first thing in the morning. But looking back on it, I was actually dictating my mood through my clothing. I would reach for the darkest outfit that would practically make me blend into the background, and I wondered why I didn’t feel my best.

Once I started introducing colour into my working wardrobe, I noticed a complete shift in the way I felt and my confidence spiked. There is no better feeling than walking into the office with a statement outfit on, head held high, shoulders back and feeling empowered.

This winter, my favourite pop of colour is red. Red has been proven to suit every skin tone and hair colour. Richard Branson was clever enough to realise this and choose red for all of his Virgin Atlantic staff!

Even the slightest hint of red can transform an entire outfit, from a scarf to a pair of boots. I’ve rounded up 24 of my favourite pieces below in this fabulous, classic colour. I personally love to pair it simply with black, to allow the red to stand out and make an impact!

wearing: Red Check Pencil Skirt (US link here)| Black Roll Neck Top | Black patent heels (US link here)

24 of my favourite pieces to add a pop of red into your workwear wardrobe: