The New Workwear Brand You Need To Know About

I’m always so excited when I discover fabulous new workwear brands and cannot wait to share them with you! I was first introduced to SETAERASO a few weeks ago and immediately fell head over heels with their designs. As you know, I always loved dressing up for work. It was my way of getting myself motivated for the day. Walking into the office with a great outfit on made me feel empowered and ready for whatever was to come my way.

I knew straight away how I would feel wearing a piece from SETAERASO and I wasn’t wrong! I’m wearing the stunning Miranda dress in this post. It’s such a special dress! I chose it because of the simplicity of the wrap design and sophisticated structure, but I also loved the playfulness of the green feathers running down the front. The feathers are detachable which creates a 2 in 1 style dress that takes you from day to evening.

Let me go back to where it all started. SETAERASO launched in 2019 after noticing a gap in the clothing industry for reasonably-priced, high-quality pieces for women who work and stay on the go. I have struggled with this in the past myself and actually one of the reasons I feel so passionate about sharing these pieces with my followers once I discover them.

The collections are inspired by the founder, Maida’s, love for classic silhouettes, rich textures and pieces that challenge the status quo.

she goes wear workwear SETAERASO work dress

SETAERASO are also focused on sustainability, working hand in hand with a family-owned factory in Turkey to create luxury staples that are affordable. They believe in supporting small factories that are challenged by the fast fashion, low cost, high waste industry.

Their materials are sourced from Italy and Turkey and have everything under one roof from sample creation, sourcing of raw materials, production and addition of details by hand.

I’ve spoken about the issue of waste in the fashion industry on my Instagram recently after I heard a shocking statistic regarding that amount of garments that end up as waste. I was so thrilled to learn that SETAERASO are actively doing their bit to eliminate waste by sourcing just enough fabric for each season. They also recycle any leftover material which leaves them unable to restock inventory mid-season as quickly as fast-fashion brands or even at all.

As SETAERASO’s founder Maida says herself, “at a time when fashion is becoming faster and clothing more disposable, SETAERASO believes in the beauty of design and sharp craftmanship that’s lasting.”

Check out their full collection online here, and let me know which is your favourite!