The Pinstripe Trousers You Need In 2019

How to Wear Pinstripe Trousers This Season

Regardless of what dress code your job enforces, pinstripe trousers are always appropriate. They’ve been around for centuries and still continue to do their job at making an outfit look smart and professional.

It’s interesting looking back at how the suit has evolved over the years. The “power suit” came into play in the 1980’s and we saw women dressing in more masculine manner to portray a more masculine position in the workplace. It was in the same decade that women were finally allowed to wear trousers at Lloyd’s of London. 

Today, we are fortunate enough to have a far more relaxed dress code when it comes to work. I love to take classic pieces, such as a pair of pinstripe trousers, that have been re-worked for the current season. Think slightly oversized and slouchy. These trousers are my favourite at the moment because although they’re slightly relaxed around the legs, they still pull me in at the waist. I’ve tucked in a white top which has a subtle heart detail on the neck. Finished with a pair of red heels that add a pop of colour. Heels are an absolute must for me with trousers, as I won’t feel my most confident otherwise! 

I’ve put together some of my favourite pinstripe trousers this season, so you can browse them below. They’re such a versatile item that you can rock them in the office and out for dinner at the weekend too! 

My pick of the best pinstripe trousers for your workwear wardrobe:

How to Wear Pinstripe Trousers This Season