Weekly Workwear Picks

She Goes Wear Workwear Picks office style fashion pencil skirt black patent heels marks and spencer corporate wear what to wear to work

Good morning! It was only after I’d finished putting together this week’s workwear picks, that I realised they feature no colour what so ever! This reflects exactly how I’m dressing for work recently, before setting foot out the door each morning into this gloomy January weather!

You simply cannot go wrong with black and white though, and not just in Winter. I’m rocking black in the Summer too!

My favourite pick this week has got to be the snake print loafers. I am obsessed. I’m picky with the shoes I wear around the office, and if I wear flats, they have to be pointed and have a small block heel.

Polka dots are everywhere at the moment and the dress I’ve featured above is so classic and feminine, I simply had to include it. If there was ever a dress to describe my style, I would like to think this is it. It may be on the pricey end of the high street, but the quality will guarantee it sees you through the years.

Wishing you a fabulous week!

clockwise from left to right: black and white dress | white blouse | black tie dress | polka dot dress | patent heels | snake print loafers | pencil skirt | black bag