Weekly Workwear Picks

Good morning from beautiful Mauritius! I’m currently sat on our balcony in the afternoon sunshine typing up this blog post and I could honestly say I think I may be in heaven. I have the sun beaming down on me and I have a huge tub of ice cream in one hand as I type with the other!

Sorry for rubbing it in! 

I hope you’re all having a fabulous start to your week! It’s pay day week, otherwise known as the week we all go out and empty our bank accounts on items that we’ve been lusting over for a while now and have decided we need in our wardrobes otherwise we simply can’t continue with life. Just me?! I hope not!! I’m a complete nightmare when it comes to shopping. 

I’ve rounded up my favourite workwear items this week and I must say I want them all!  I’m in love with yellow at the moment so I adore the adorable sunshine coloured satchel. Too cute!

Have an amazing week! “work hard and be nice to people” 


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