Paris by Night

On our first night in Paris, we wanted to go somewhere fabulous. 

We were recommended a restaurant called Kong, which supposedly serves the best Asian food in Paris. As soon as I researched the restaurant I recognised it from the last episode of Sex and the City, an American Girl in Paris, where Carrie has lunch with Aleksandr's ex-wife...

I am Sex and The City OBsessed, so I couldn't wait!

At the end of my last blog post we had just got back to the hotel after a full day of shopping. With only an hour until our reservation, we run around like crazy getting ourselves ready. 

There are two things a night in Paris calls for, an LBD and my Louboutins. To complete my outfit, Tram kindly let me borrow her stunning new Chanel which I guarded with my life (it had it's own chair at the table). 

As usual we were running late, so we jumped into a cab and sped to the restaurant which is situated on the other side of the river, in a beautiful part of Paris. It's sat opposite the grand Louis Vuitton headquarters. 

The restaurant itself is located on the top two floors of Kenzo's main office, overlooking the Seine. We were led up a florescent green winding staircase and greeted at the top by the most stunning rooftop glass dome. 

The ultramodern decor was designed by French designer Philippe Starck, whose vision is very Paris meets Tokyo. The interior reflects that of The Sanderson Hotel in London, which he also designed, along with many other venues around the world.

We were led through to the very back of the restaurant and were seated at our table, where we couldn't help but admire the view. 

The restaurant boasts a lively atmosphere, with an ultra chic, glamorous crowd. The waiters and waitresses all looked like models and were extremely friendly, immediately making us feel welcome even though we didn't speak much French. 

Our waiter told us we were seated at the very same table Carrie Bradshaw sat when SATC was filmed, and he guessed exactly what cocktail I was going to order...a Cosmo! How could he tell?! ;)

The menu was so appealing that we couldn't decide on a starter each, so ordered the mixed platter to share. I could have eaten endless amounts of the incredible food served on this platter, especially the salmon sushi which was hands down the most delicious sushi I've eaten in my life. 

I ordered black cod for main, which was served with roasted vegetables and sticky rice. The black cod melted as soon as I put it in my mouth. It's one of those dishes you never want to end! I couldn't fault it.  

We stayed for a few extra cocktails at the bar before leaving feeling full and slightly tipsy!

Paris is gorgeous during the day, but after dark I realised why it's known as the "City of Light". From the glistening rivers to the illuminated squares and monuments, every corner turned we discovered another beautiful sight. 

My favourite sight of them all, was the Eiffel Tower at night. Okay, I know I am being a total tourist, but it's truly magnifique! I adore it. 

Incredible food, friends and cosmos...my first evening in Paris could not have been better! 

Even though I was full from our delicious meal, being the foodie that I am, I slipped into bed and fell asleep dreaming of the brunch reservation we had scheduled for the following morning...


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Paris Day One

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've recently been to the beautiful city of Paris. It was my first time visiting the city, so I couldn't wait to explore!

We got up bright and early to get the Eurostar and a couple of hours later we had arrived!

As soon as we walked outside from the dark train station, the light hit us and the first thing I saw was the beautiful French architecture on the buildings, with wrought iron balconies everywhere you look.

We hopped into a taxi and drove around Paris on the way to our hotel. I couldn't resist leaning out of the taxi window to get some snaps! 

I did a Carrie Bradshaw and screamed when I saw the Eiffel Tower...I am such stereotypical tourist!!

We stayed at the Hotel Ares Eiffel, which is a boutique hotel just a stone's throw from the Eiffel Tower. The decor is stunning, designed by Italian designer Poltrona Frau with Versace tiling covering the bathroom and Hermes toiletries. 

We quickly unpacked, filled the wardrobe, changed and were ready for a full day of shopping.

One of the things I adore about Paris was how many fresh flower stalls there are, on practically every corner, selling the most beautiful selection of flowers. I have a bit of a flower obsession and find there is nothing more cheery than a house filled with fresh flowers. 

^^ Look at all the different shades of pink on those roses, so beautiful! ^^

Before a full day of shopping, we needed some food so thankfully we spotted Le Royal, a traditional French restaurant on our way to the shops...

But first, champagne to toast being in Paris. Could you think of a better reason?

I ordered a Croque-Madame, which is a ham and cheese toastie, covered in melted cheese with a fried egg on top. It was amaaaazing and soon became my new food obsession. 

We also ordered some fois gras with toast...

Finally, we could focus on what we do best...shopping! 

I was so happy when we found a Sephora. It's any make up addicts dream! I am still hoping they will open in London one day, but for now, I made sure I stocked up!

I bought a new jacket, so after a quick change over, it was time for an outfit shot...

We popped in and out of both high street and designer stores, and whilst browsing through Louis Vuitton we discovered a library dedicated to fashion books. From big chunky coffee table books to tiny little fashion bibles. 

Time ran away with us as we stood there flicking through the pages and lusting over the beautiful photography. 

I picked up a Parisian Chic book for my mum, a style guide full of fashion tips written by a celebrity model revealing the secrets of how Parisian women maintain effortless glamour and timeless allure. The perfect gift for my fashionista mum. I've found it online here if you fancy having one for yourself and won't be visiting Paris any time soon...

After walking around in heels all day we needed to give our feet a rest over a coffee. We stumbled upon a cafe called Fouquet's along the Champs-Elysees so grabbed a table outside and ordered coffees and thick hot chocolate. 

We worked off our hot chocolate by walking up and down the Champs-Elysees, before calling it a day and grabbing a taxi to take us back to our hotel. 

^^ I told you our hotel was close! ^^

A fabulous first day in Paris! After such a busy and tiring day strutting around Paris we were tempted to curl up in bed, get an early night ready to do it all again the following day, but first, it was time for dinner and cocktails somewhere Carrie Bradshaw would approve of...

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