STK Date

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STK is one of my favourite restaurants in London. I love the food, the cocktails, the atmosphere. Everything! I've been countless times and it's become one of those places that no matter how many times I return, it's always a good night. 

When I discovered that Bookatable were hosting a deal for 3 courses and a cocktail for £35, I rounded up a couple of my girls and booked us in for a Friday after work. 

Last Friday we hopped into a cab and made out way to the ME Hotel just in time for our reservation. 

We ordered an STK Martini whilst we looked at the menu. We had to order from the set menu, which I don't normally like to do as the set menus in many restaurants are usually a bit dull, but everything on this menu looked absolutely delicious and appetising. 
All 3 of us ordered the same thing; mini beef sliders for starter and steak for main (obviously!) You simply can't come to STK and not order their steak! It's the best. The burgers were so cute and diddy, but packed full of flavour. The size of them was deceiving to us all too, as we were almost full by the second one! I was so eager to eat them when they arrived that I forgot to take a photo! Worse blogger ever, I know. 

My main course on the other hand...
It was delicious! A little recommendation would be to definitely order medium/rare (I had mine rare and it was perfect for me), as my friend ordered it well done and it had shrunk to more than half the size!

STK mac 'n' cheese is the best I've ever had, so I simply had to order that as a side, along with rosemary chips and mustard mash. 
I had already chosen what I wanted for dessert as soon as I looked at the menu, but we were all so full we had to wait a while before ordering!

After finishing our bottle of prosecco whilst we waited, we were finally ready to order. Let me introduce to you the STK Snickers...

The ultimate indulgence. It was everything I had dreamt of and more! ha! Caramel, nutty, chocolatey goodness!! I have craved it every day since!

We also ordered the lemon meringue, which was nice and refreshing but nothing compared to the STK Snickers, obviously! 

After dinner, we moved over the bar just as the DJ had started, and enjoyed a few more cocktails before heading home. 

STK has this way of making me want to return as soon as I leave, so I'm already organising a date when we can return! 
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Gold Styling with Jose Eber & a Giveaway!

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When a big gold box was delivered to my address a couple of weeks ago, I had to contain my excitement and stop myself from frantically ripping it open to find out what was inside!

I carefully opened the lid to reveal two of the most fabulous looking hair styling tools I've ever seen. The first is Jose Eber's most popular 25mm curling wand in a brand new gold edition. This is the wand I have been using for the past 4+ years, and I adore the way it curls my hair. The curls last for days and I receive so many compliments on my hair!

The second product in the box is Jose Eber's Wet or Dry styling iron in the same gorgeous metallic shade. This revolutionary product allows you to straighten and dry your hair at the same time! I love the large plates which aren't common on most good quality straighters. It allows me to straighten my hair quickly and effortlessly. 

I've uploaded a video onto my YouTube channel (please subscribe if you're new!) showing you the contents of the box, and I've also included a quick tutorial showing you how I curl my hair using the 25mm curling wand in minutes! I haven't adjusted the speed of the video to show you just how quick it really is. I only need to hold the wand onto each section of my hair for around 3 seconds to achieve bouncy curls that last for days. 

After I curl my hair, I always run a small pump of Argan Oil through the ends of my hair to smooth and shine. I'm using and loving the DGJ Organics Berutti Oil with Argan Oil at the moment, and I find it makes my hair look and feel so healthy looking. I swear by Argan oil for the quick growth of my hair, as it only really started growing properly when I began using it on both wet and dry hair. 

**I'm giving away a brand new bottle of the Berutti Oil with Argan Oil! To win, all you need to do is share my YouTube video above on Twitter and tag @shegoeswear. For a bonus entry, make sure you're subscribed to my channel too ;). I'll announce the winner on Twitter next week!**

The Jose Eber Limited Gold Edition Styling Tool Set is the ultimate kit you need for beautiful looking hair. It's available exclusively at Selfridges and on the official Jose Eber website for a limited time only so snap one up to achieve your best hair ever this Summer!
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Weekly Workwear Picks

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workwear picks

Happy Monday and pay day week! I went shopping on my lunchbreak last week and popped into Reiss. What a mistake that was as I now want absolutely everything! My dream wardrobe would consist of Reiss and Tibi, how amazing would that be!

I tried on the gorgeous black and white ruffled skirt featured above and instantly fell in love. Paired with a simple black tee or blouse and heels, it can take me from the office to evening cocktails. 

That super chic polka dot shirt dress has also made its way onto my pay day list, and I envision myself wearing it with a belt clinched in at the waist and my trusty black pointed heels.

I hope you have a fabulous week. What's currently on your pay day list?


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Holiday Wishlist

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summer wishlist

I'm off to Mauritius in exactly 31 days, and I cannot wait! As well as counting down the hours days, I've recently started planning my outfits (obviously the most important part of the holiday) which involves searching the internet for Summery new items. 

I decided to put together and share with you a wishlist of items I still need to buy before I go, to help me stay on track of what I need to buy and also to inspire anyone else currently organising their holiday wardrobe! 

There are so many beautiful pieces out at the moment, I want them all! 

I have lots more holiday inspired posts lined up within the next month, including a travel beauty and what's in my holiday bag posts and videos, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel and Bloglovin to make sure you're fully updated!

Are you off on holiday this Summer? Where are you off to? I need some more inspiration so please let me know where you'll be buying your holiday bits from!


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Staying Organised thanks to Logitech

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I have a love-hate relationship with my iPad. On one hand, it allows me to stay connected wherever I am without having to squint and zoom on my tiny iPhone screen, but on the other hand, the touch keyboard frustrates me so much that if I ever need to type something, I find myself waiting until I'm at a computer. God I sound so old, but surely someone must agree?!

There's been times when I've wanted to carry around my laptop with me at all times, and although my bag is big enough (just call me Mary Poppins), I just don't have the space on my crowded train in the mornings for this to be an option. 

Me being the organisation geek I am, you can imagine my excitement when I was very kindly introduced to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. As soon as it arrived, I didn't even need to look at the instructions and within seconds it was attached to my iPad and I was typing away!

It really does live up to it's name, and I couldn't believe how thin it is! I keep it attached to my iPad at all times using the magnetic clip, and it acts as a screen protector and stylish aluminium case. 

When I need to reply to an email, type up some notes or anything else, I sit my iPad on the keyboard, open up the Bluetooth option in settings and it's connected within seconds. 

As I said above, my morning commute can get extremely crowded and busy so I love that the keyboard is silent and inconspicuous. 

I've noticed a surge in productivity since using the keyboard, as I'm now able to keep on top of emails and update social media on the go and I've been using it to make notes during meetings at work. It's my new favourite accessory! 

If you fancy one for yourself, Logitech have a keyboard for every type of tablet, and you can browse the entire Logitech range by clicking here.
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Beauty Chat with Nip & Fab and Kylie Jenner!

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On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a live interview with Kylie Jenner, the new and rather fabulous face of Nip and Fab!  I was joined by a few other bloggers, press and some of Kylie's lucky die hard fans who had won a competition to be there. 

I arrived at the top secret location and took my seat which was already occupied by a huge tub of popcorn to keep me company whilst I waited for Kylie to arrive!

After waiting for what felt like forever, we were finally joined by MTV presenter Becca Dudley and Nip and Fab's founder Maria Hatzistefanis for a short introduction before the interview with Kylie commenced. 

Maria looked absolutely stunning in a chic black jumpsuit. When asked by Becca why she had chosen Kylie Jenner as the brand embassador for Nip and Fab, she explained that it was an easy choice. “When she Instagrammed our products nine months ago, our fans went crazy, so it was a really easy choice for the role of ambassador,” Maria described Kylie as "cool, edgy and an international beauty icon." 

We were then introduced to Kylie who took to the stage looking sharp and stylish in a pair of high waisted black trousers, a sheer black vest top tucked in and a goooorgeous YSL coat that hung effortlessly from her shoulders. What a beauty!

Becca led the conversation into all things beauty, from Kylie's signature look to what she keeps in her handbag. We also gained a few beauty tips from Maria which I was happy about because she always looks beyond fabulous! 

Here's the scoop:
  • Kylie has always had the same stylist, Monica Rose, who re-organises her wardrobe every now and again. Check out here Instagram here - she is far too fabulous!
  • To stay healthy, Kylie drinks lots of pressed juices. Maria eats a lot of protein, exfoliates as often as she can (preferably 3 times a day if possible) by using the Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Pads
  • Khloe Kardashian told Kylie to always use sun screen on her hands to keep them youthful, so she's been doing this every since. 
  • Despite popular belief, Kylie owns more than one colour lipstick! She owns around 10 different shades of nude and she cannot live without her strip lashes. 
  • Kylie's night time make up look doesn't differ much from daytime, she just adds lots of glitter!
  • What's in Kylie's hangbag? Her trusty lip liner, Dragons Blood serum, sunglasses and lip balm.
  • What's in Maria's hangbag? Around 10 different lip balms, her favourite being the Rodial Glamstick, sunglasses (which she wears indoors and outdoors - did I mention how fabulous Maria is?!) and the Dragons Blood fix mask
  • When asked what beauty products Kylie uses after a gym session, she announced that she has never worked out but wants to start going to the gym this month! 
  • Kylie's ideal pamper day includes a long soak in the bath with her hair covered in coconut oil. She would scrub off her spray tan, use lots of lotion and put on a face mask. Sounds bliss!
The interview ended with Kylie being asked what she's up to next. She announced that she's moving out which is exciting, and has lots of fun stuff in the pipeline so we'll have to wait and see!

When getting ready on Saturday morning, I figured what better excuse to channel my inner Kylie Jenner, so I went for a brown smokey eye, lots of contouring and big, bold lips. What I didn't realise until later that day, Kylie rocked pretty much the same make up look! We're so in sync Kylie and I...

Here are the make up products I used:

I've been a fan of both the Nip & Fab and Rodial brands for a long time now, so it was an honour to join their founder Maria along with Kylie Jenner on Saturday. Maria is an incredibly inspiring woman, not only in a business sense but her style is to die for! 

You can browse and shop the entire Nip and Fab range by clicking here and you can check out one of my previous reviews here

Thank you for having me, Nip and Fab!
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Weekly Workwear Picks

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Happy Monday! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Where did the weekend go? I'm sure I had that Friday night feeling two minutes ago?!

I love how light it is in the mornings now, it makes getting up mega early for work that little bit easier! Bright mornings can only mean one thing...Summer is coming! YES! This makes me unbelievably happy. To celebrate, I've included some gorgeous S/S pieces in this week's workwear picks. 

My favourite item is the cobalt blue pencil dress that will look fierce with black pointy heels and that statement gold necklace. Classic, elegant, professional and chic!

"Elegance is not about being noticed, it's about being remembered" 

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight


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Little Italy

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The girls and I got together last Friday to celebrate two birthdays within the group. The perfect birthday celebrations include good food and drink, so we met up after work and made our way from the City into Soho for Italian food and cocktails at Little Italy.

It's tucked away down a quiet road in the heart of Soho, opposite Ronnie Scott's. I've eyed it up each time I've visited Ronnie Scott's and been dying to try it out after hearing nothing but good things. 

We arrived early and enjoyed Lychee Martini's (yum) and prosecco at the main bar and gave the birthday girls their presents and cards, before making our way to our table upstairs. 

A photo posted by Dorothy (@shegoeswear) on

A photo posted by Dorothy (@shegoeswear) on


For starter, I ordered the Oven Baked Aubergine with Mozzerella and Tomato which was delicious. I also picked at Ellise's huge pot of fried Calamari after she'd faced defeat and couldn't finish it! 

I opted for the scallops and mushroom risotto for main, which was nice but I couldn't fully enjoy it as it was extremely rich. Looking back, it probably wasn't the best choice when followed by an evening of drinking! On the other hand, I had complete food envy when Ellise's steak arrived...

In between courses, there was a magician wandering around each table performing magic tricks. I'm such a child when it comes to magic, I love it! 

After dinner, we moved over to the bar and the tables were cleared to make room for everyone. The bar slowly filled up and by the end of the night, the dance floor was heaving. Countless Lychee Martini's, shots and other types of cocktails I can't remember the names of after, we decided to call it a night at around 3am and I spent the rest of the weekend recovering and feeling sorry for myself! 

A Friday well spent! Happy Birthday girlies xxx
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