Shakespeare & Company, Paris

Before I begin, if I wasn't for the highly addictive app which is Pinterest, then I would never have discovered this incredible place. So thank you, Pinterest!

Quietly tucked away behind a park, hidden in a corner surrounded by some trees lies Shakespeare and Company, a beautifully historic little book store. 

The first Shakespeare & Company was opened in 1912 at smaller premises nearby before moving to larger premises in 1922. During the 1920's it was a place for many writers such as Ezra PoundErnest HemingwayJames Joyce and Ford Madox Ford to gather, collect inspiration, read and write. It eventually closed down in 1940 during the German occupation of Paris and unfortunately never re-opened. 

The second Shakespeare & Company, the one I was lucky enough to visit, was opened in 1951 and has since become extremely popular amongst tourists and literature lovers worldwide. 

We turned the corner and noticed a long queue that had formed outside the store, so we got in line and waited our turn. The reason for the queue is because they were only letting in a few people at a time so that the store doesn't get too crowded and everyone can enjoy their browse without being pushed and shoved, so we didn't mind waiting. It didn't take too long for us to get to the front, and after a quick chat with the friendly man at the door about the history of the shop, we were allowed inside. 

Remember the smell of an old book you would borrow from the library? That surprisingly warming smell hit us as we stepped inside. 

Old fashioned chandeliers hung from the thick high wooden beams and vintage photos in mismatched frames were dotted around the store. First impressions made me think that the books were in no type of order whatsoever and it would be a disaster trying to find a particular novel, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The entire store is perfectly organised, in sections and alphabetical order by the author's surname. 

The store was like a maze, with each corner unveiling a new section of books. My favourite area of the entire store was accessible through a wrought iron gate and in a tiny corner of the store lay a collection of poetry books. I stood there for what seemed like 
forever becoming completely absorbed in the "Love Letters of Great Men" book, a collection of some of the most romantic letters in history. I think it's something about being in Paris that made me feel very romantic!

We came across a narrow staircase which we followed upstairs, stopping halfway to read these cute love notes pinned to the wall...

Upstairs held a choice of rooms where people can take a comfy seat and relax with a book. There was also a tiny cubby-hole with a typewriter inside, in case anyone has a sudden flutter of inspiration and must put it to paper!

For anyone who is looking to visit Paris in the future, please promise me you will have a browse around this shop? It's so beautifully and typically Parisian, and the history just makes you feel like you're back in the 1950's. 

Buy a book, take it along with a picnic to the Jardins du Trocadéro and relax in the Autumn sun for the perfect lazy afternoon in Paris. 


Weekend Vlog

This is my weekend vlog, where I take you with me through my Friday night with the girls, cooking at home on Saturday and to a baby shower on Sunday!

On Friday, the girls and I had a delicious meal at Nobu followed by cocktails at Galvin at Windows, which I also blogged about so stay tuned for the blog post coming within the next few days. 

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Ibiza Body Prep!

At the beginning of the year I booked to go to Ibiza with my friends for the end of September, and it felt like a lifetime away! A few weeks ago it dawned on me that it was at the end of the month, and I felt completely unprepared. I finally got my bum into gear and bought some products which I prayed would help me feel holiday ready. 

After years of hearing what an amazing beauty product the body brush is, I eventually bought one and I have been using it every day for the past few months. Before I get into the shower I use long strokes to brush my entire body from head to toe, focusing mainly on my thighs. When brushing, I always brush towards my heart to really get my circulation going. Here are a few benefits of dry body brushing:

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System
Increase Circulation
Reduce Cellulite
Stress Relief
Improve Digestion and Kidney Function
It's Invigorating

I read that you should invest in a good quality body brush, with bristles made from natural materials. 

After seeing the Nip & Fab range all over my twitter feed at the moment, and after doing some research, I decided to buy a few of their products to try out. I picked up both the cellulite fix and body fix which came together for a discounted price, and I also bought the upper arm fix separately. I use all three products once in the morning and again in the evening. I have been using them for around 3 weeks now and I have already noticed a difference in the texture of the skin on the back of my thighs, which feel and look a lot smoother. 

I have also been using the Seascape Sea Salt Body Scrub each day in the shower and it leaves my skin feeling like silk. It helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells, and contains beeswax to help nourish the skin and act as a moisturiser. 

Lastly, I have been using BioOil for as long as I can remember now, so it's not a new product in my collection at all but I felt I had to include it as it makes my skin feel amazing. I lather it on all over my body after the shower and rub it into my skin until it's almost completely obsorbed. I will be packing this to take with me to Ibiza, so I can put it on throughout the day too to prevent my skin from drying out in the sun.

With thanks to these products I am finally feeling holiday ready, and with just over a week to go my worries have now been shifted to what I'm going to wear!!


Get Ready With Me - Wedding Reception

I attended a wedding reception on Saturday, and I wanted to document my routine of getting ready! 

I've covered all areas of preparation, from face masks to how I curled my hair. It's hard being a girl sometimes :)

Outfit details:

Make up products:

Beauty products:

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The Vlog: Paris Day Two

As well as a blog post, I also put together a video of our second day in Paris and took you along with me during our adventures.

I hope you enjoy!

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Breakfast, strolls and crepes in Paris

We woke bright and early to make the most of our second and last day in Paris. Feeling slightly delicate from the previous evening, and with our bellies rumbling, we hopped into a cab in the direction of Angelina. 

I had booked us a reservation at the famous Parisian tearoom so we were able to skip the queue and head straight to our table, something we were extremely grateful for in our hungry state! 

Continuing my quest to visit the most fabulous corners of Paris, I knew a trip to Angelina was a must. 

It was founded in 1903 and the history is steeped throughout the tearoom. Coco Chanel and some of the biggest names in fashion have graced Angelina with their presence since its opening, and you can almost imagine them sitting in the corner sipping their hot chocolate. 

The interior combines elegance with romance and old fashioned charm. It's simply stunning. 

Angelina is all about complete and utter indulgence, so we began with croissants and a big jug of their famous African hot chocolate. Thick, melted chocolate mixed in with a fresh dollop of cream. If this isn't pure indulgence, I don't know what is. 

We also dined on eggs Benedict, omelettes and big bowls of fresh fruit, before making our way to The Angelina delicatessen. 

To work off our rather large breakfast, and also to make the most of the lovely weather, we decided to skip taxis and take the long stroll towards the Notre Dame, passing some famous landmarks on the way. 

I couldn't help but feel completely romantic standing on the Pont des Arts, not because of the locks hanging from the railings, but because I was imagining one of my favourite movie scenes of all time...(yes, I am obsessed!)

After what felt like hours of walking, we finally saw the Notre Dame in the distance! 

But firstly, we needed a coffee pit stop before going any further!

The Notre Dame was even more stunning than I imagined. The attention to detail is impeccable and the building is beautifully symmetrical. The queue to look around inside was ridiculously long, so we took a few snaps and made our way back in the opposite direction. 

During our walk back, we came across this rather random beach on the side of the river. There were people in swim shorts and bikinis casually soaking up the sun! 

We made a quick stop along the Avenue des Champs Elysees on our way to catch the Eurostar, to pick up some fresh macaroons from Laduree to bring home with us and some goodies from Sephora, before saying our final farewell to Paris. 

Paris, once again you have been nothing but fabulous. Two days just isn't enough, and I still feel like I have so much to explore in this beautiful city! I promise I will be back!

I've heard Christmas in Paris is rather beautiful...