Workwear Picks

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workwear picks

It's back to work after a gorgeous three day weekend! I feel refreshed and ready for whatever this week throws at me! 

My workwear wishlist grew significantly after my recent shopping trip this weekend, and I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. 

I simply cannot stop thinking about those grey and black mid heel sandals. Surely that's a sign I have to buy them right?! They're very Chanel inspired but for a teenie tiny fraction of the price. 

The black pleated trousers are also at the top of my wishlist at the moment, due to the high waist and flattering cut. 

I popped into Aspinal of London, my ultimate favourite brand for bags, to plan my next purchase to add to my collection. I came across the orange and gold trunk bag (above), and I could immediately imagine myself carrying it around for both work and the weekend too. Obsessed. I have a thing about bright orange at the moment too and it'll match my new Timex watch perfectly. 

Wishing you a fabulous four day week xxx


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Bank Holiday Weekend

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What a gorgeous weekend! For the first time in a very long time, the weather timed itself perfectly for those of us enjoying a long weekend. 

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, whatever you got up to. On Friday, my boyfriend and I went out for some dinner locally at a seafood restaurant in Leigh on Sea, to finally toast my promotion at work! We've both had such an incredible April work-wise, it felt rude not to celebrate! 

On Saturday, it was my best friend Ellise's birthday which she also shares with her daughter Willow who turned one! An adorable teddy bear's picnic style birthday party was held during the day, and I felt like such a big kid taking full advantage of the strawberry milkshakes (in between prosecco of course) and multiple portions of jelly and ice cream! 

Willow is also my god daughter which made it even more special for me to spend the day with her. It was such a lovely day!

We woke up to beautiful sunshine on Sunday, so L and I drove to a lovely pub in Hullbridge and took Koda along with us too (our lovely husky pictured below who was lapping up the attention all afternoon!) 

On Monday, we ventured out for some breakfast in the morning, and did a bit of shopping before getting cosy on the sofa and watching films for the rest of the day. The perfect end to a perfect weekend! 

I'm so sad it's over. Why can't it be a bank holiday every weekend?! On the plus side, it's a four day week woo hoo! Have a gooden xx

(all photos taken on my Olympus PEN with the 17mm lens)

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The Perfect Summer Work Shoes


I was on the search the other day for a pair of shoes to see me through Summer in the office.  These little beauties were delivered and I am completely in love!

I'll be wearing these to death. With a wrap style skater dress, a midi skirt or a pair of cigarette trousers. With tights or without. They're simply perfect and I'm tempted to order 10 more of them! Does anyone else get this urge when they find something they love? Or just me?! haha. 

The block heel adds comfort for busy days on my feet, and the height will easily take me from the desk to drinks without needing to change. 

They're also a lot less expensive than they look! What more could you want?! Shop them here and thank me later. 
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Workwear Picks

workwear picks

Happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely weekend. After a relaxing couple of days off, catching up with friends, eating lots of naughty food (I'm on a health kick this week to make up for it) and completely unwinding, I'm feeling extra motivated this week. 

The best way to get motivated at the beginning of the day (second to a giant mug of coffee), is to put on a good outfit. If you feel confident and comfortable, as well as think positive, I can guarantee you will have a good day. 

The shops are bursting with gorgeous workwear pieces at the moment and my wish list is just getting bigger and bigger by the day. I've rounded up a few of my favourites this week to help inspire. My ultimate favourites being the black pencil skirt and cream blouse. This combo is the definition of classic elegance. A style that will never, ever age. Love love love! 

Have the best week! & remember, positive vibes attract positive things!


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Mix Your Watch with Timex

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Last Thursday, I attended one of the best events I've been invited to since my little blog began. And as you can see from my photo above, I had so much fun!

I was invited by Timex for an exclusive preview of their forthcoming AW16 collection, and was offered a chance to create my own personalised watch! 

It was hosted on the rooftop of the ultra chic Shoreditch House. 

The latest Weekend Fairfield collection allows you to choose which face you want, then you can mix and match with different straps. Perfect for styling with different outfits. Whether it's for work or a festival, a quick change of strap and you're good to go!

I spotted somebody at the event wearing the large silver face customised with the black leather strap, and had to take a photo! Obsessed! 

I brought my friend Jenie along with me, who casually made friends with an astronaut as we wandered around the event admiring all the different watch styles! 

Yummy American style food was passed around. 

Pizzas, mini burgers and hot dogs, popcorn and mac n cheese. Pretty much all my favs!

Music filled the room and cocktails were shaken one after another. 

Now for the most exciting part of the evening. Time to choose our watch! 

I studied the choice of faces, and instantly had my eye on the gold face. I figured I wear gold more than I do silver, so it would go with the majority of my outfits. 

The black face was pretty tempting too though. 

Now for the strap. Leather or fabric? Tan or black? Or a pop of colour?

I am the worst at decisions, but eventually decided on the orange leather. I have always loved the mix of orange and gold together, and it also adds a pop of colour that is always needed in my monochrome outfits! 

Jen also picked the gold face but with the pink, navy and rose gold fabric strap. Very edgy, which completely mimics Jen's style. 

Head over to my Instagram to see my customised watch! I am so in love. 

With our new watches proudly wrapped around our wrists, we grabbed another cocktail just in time for the band to start, and spent the next couple of hours dancing away to the music. 

As the event drew to a close, Jen and I said our goodbyes, grabbed our goodie bags and headed outside. 

The pool looked beautiful lit up in the night sky, and some brave people were taking a tip despite the chilly weather!  

One of the many things I love about my friend Jen, is that no matter where we are in London, she will always know a good restaurant nearby that serves seriously good food. 

Jen led me around the corner towards the Ace Hotel, one of her favourite haunts. Right next door, through a florist, is a restaurant called Hoi Polloi. 

Thankfully they were able to seat us straight away. 

We sipped cosmopolitan cocktails with a twist as we studied the newspaper menus. Everything looked so delicious but I knew straight away what I wanted. The cheeseburger!

After sampling the American canapés at the event, a big juicy cheeseburger was exactly what I was craving, and Jen was thinking the exact same! 

Wanna know how you can tell how good it tasted? Because it was gone before I even had a chance to take a photo. Oops, sorry! Blame the hunger. 

It was cooked beautifully pink (how I believe all burgers should be!), packed full and oozing with melted cheese. Served beside a big pot of dripping chips. 

I will definitely be returning to Hoi Polloi this Summer to try out more dishes on their menu!

Thank you Timex for hosting such a fabulous event, and for our equally fabulous watches. 

Check out part of the new Weekender Fairfield collection on their website here. And I've also found one of my favourites, the gold face with tan strap, available on ASOS here

I can't wait to buy more straps start mixing and matching!
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Getting Work Done

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One of my biggest weaknesses used to be time management. I would struggle with what to focus my attention on and how to prioritise tasks. I knew I could be working a lot more effectively than I currently was, so I made it my goal to work on this weakness to eventually eliminate it. 

I took internal courses for time management as well as reading up on how I can improve, and can confidently say it is not a main weakness of mine anymore. As a result, I feel a lot more productive at work and stress levels have reduced significantly. 

It's a common problem in the work place, with so many people getting caught in a rut with daily routine and work habits. Don't panic, it has happened to us all at some point in our career! 

For this reason, I wanted to share a few of the things I was taught, to hopefully help anyone else who is struggling with productivity and managing time. 

Time tracking

Firstly, it is important to figure out how you're really spending your time at work. Break down your daily activities into categories, such as:

- Core responsibilities
- Personal Growth
- Unexpected urgent matters/interruptions
- Free time (lunch, coffees, etc)
- Administrative tasks

Once you've done this, begin tracking how much time you spend doing tasks in each category. Use a spreadsheet, piece of paper, whichever you find easiest, and track it over around two weeks. It'll only take you a couple of seconds at the end of each day. 

The reason behind this exercise is to find out if you are spending too much time on one particular category, when really you should be investing more of your time on other tasks in order to achieve your goals. 

Daily to-do lists

Everyone is different. My friend at work tried her very best to get me into spreadsheets as a way of tracking daily tasks, but they just never worked for me (sorry Lyn!). What worked for me, was a piece of paper on the side of my desk that I can quickly glance and refer to throughout the day. 

First things first. Go through your email reminders, sticky notes, notepads, and make a list of jobs you need to get done, before determining what is most urgent. 

I'm the first one to admit I used to list everything as urgent, but when evaluated, some weren't as urgent as they first seemed. Although some tasks may be due by the end of the day, they can wait until the afternoon to make time for tasks that are due in the morning. 

Check your list throughout the day. Is it still manageable? Cross completed tasks off. Do you need to add anything to it, shift it around a little? 

Use deadlines!

Some tasks may already have a deadline which will need to be adhered to, but others will not. Figure out how important the task is, and set your own deadline. Without doing this, you risk the task continually being put off to make way for other more important tasks, until it then becomes urgent at the last minute. 

This is a bad habit that I found myself doing on a daily basis. It could be the smallest of tasks, such as scanning in my pile of work ups sitting on my desk, but because it's not urgent it would never get done. When you ever feel the same way, chose one of the following options:
- Just do it now! Get it over and done with and crossed off your list. You'll feel much better for it, trust me.
- Schedule it for later. Put it in your calendar for some time that week and make sure that when the reminder pops up, you stick to it. 
- Remove it completely. If it's not important enough to do or schedule, it's clear it will never get done. Consider delegating the task to someone else. 

Clear desk, Clear mind!

How cheesy does that sound?! haha. But it's true! A messy, unorganised desk will not only make you feel like you have more work than you actually do, but there is no point writing a to-do list if it's just going to get lost!

Organise your inbox

Use folders to keep your inbox clean and tidy. For example, create a folder for urgent emails which need responding that day, and one for admin tasks, etc. 

Having a messy inbox gives me anxiety and I used to find myself going through them over and over again without actually getting anything done. This is why I always make sure my inbox is short and sweet and everything is in order. 

Create a routine

By creating a routine, you limit the number of choices you have to make, preserving your energy for actual work. 

Identify the habits and patterns you already have in place. Do you do the same thing every day as soon as you get into the office? Or just after lunch?

Consider these suggestions:

- Start your day early! I have never been a morning person. Never ever. But recently I have been forcing myself to get out of bed and into work just before my contracted hours. I have found that this instantly eliminates that horrible unorganised rushed feeling you get when starting the day after every one else. You'll be able to tick off so many tasks before midday if you start earlier.

- Start with yourself. Take 10 minutes to have a decent breakfast, a big cup of coffee or just time to focus on what you're about to do. 

- Work in 90 minute, uninterrupted bursts. Then go and have a cup of tea, anything to reward yourself with a little break. 

- Review your day. At the end of the day, review your day's to-do list to prepare yourself for the next day. 

There are also habits and routines to adopt outside of the office, such as:

- Getting a good night's sleep.

- Plan your meals and wardrobe the night before. I used to waste so much time in the morning scrambling around looking for an outfit to wear. Now, I plan it the night before so that there's no rush in the morning. 

Stop procrastinating!

- Identify tasks you're likely to put off ahead of time
- Understand why you've put off certain tasks
- Use deadlines to motivate yourself.
- Reward yourself as you achieve your goals

- Label yourself a procrastinator
- Extend deadlines just for the sake of it
- Tackle the hard stuff alone - delegate where necessary or speak to your manager.

Stop multitasking

You can't give your work full attention if you're trying to do everything at once. 

Doing too many things at once can cause anxiety, which reduces your ability to think clearly or creatively. 

Stick to one task, and when that's complete then move onto the other.

Learn to say no

When a colleague asks you for a favour or to take on a new task, consider how valuable it is to the company, and how important it is to your own professional performance goals. 

If it isn't important to your organisation, your professional goals and you don't have the necessary time to do it, then say no.


- Be aware of how much you're working compared to your colleagues. 

- Identify low-value tasks that are not a priority for either you or the company. 

- Choose the right person. Will this task give someone else valuable experience? Does someone else have a better skill set in order to carry it out?

- Involve your manager by explaining your delegation plan. 

Life is too short to feel stressed and anxious at work. There is nothing worse than the feeling of everything getting on top of you!

I hope that these tips will help at least one person who is looking to improve their time management. You should begin to notice a difference not only in your productivity but you'll feel a lot happier too both inside and out of work. 

A few tips have been taken from "Getting Work Done" book - available on Amazon here (highly recommend!)
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20 Summer Dresses

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We finally saw a glimpse of Spring this weekend with beautiful blue skies and for the first time this year, I found myself rummaging through my Summer wardrobe to find something to wear! This makes me happy. 

My excitement has led me to search the internet for new Summer clothes and a number of pretty dresses have made their way into my wish list. 

I thought I would share 20 of my favourites to help inspire and share the excitement of Summer!

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Wear Now, Wear Later: Summer


Who said over the knee boots can only be worn in the cooler Winter months?! Before you swap them for sandals and put them to the back of your wardrobe for another year, think again! 

In one of my previous posts, I styled my Moda in Pelle boots for Winter. And today, I'm showing you how they can be styled to create a perfect Summer ensemble too. 

On one of the warmest days this year so far, I styled my boots with a tweed mini dress and my favourite Aspinal of London shoulder bag. I let the boots do all the talking by keeping  jewellery to a minimum. 

When the sun went down later in the day, I was so thankful for my boots hugging my legs and keeping them warm! They're the perfect transitional piece to see you into Summer. 

Moda in Pelle have a huuuuge sale on their website with up to 50% off, including the boots I'm wearing above and a number of ankle boots too. 

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